Quality AC Repair in Southern Shores, NC

When the hot summer months roll around, a functioning AC is practically a necessity. Without a working AC
unit, you face numerous dangers, including heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration, not to mention the
general discomfort that comes from a too-warm home. In coastal areas like Southern Shores, NC, the humidity
only intensifies these issues.

Do you need air conditioning repair in Southern Shores, NC? Come to R.A. Hoy Heating & Air
Conditioning today. Our team of technicians will repair your AC so you can enjoy living in a comfortable home
all year round.

outdoor HVAC unitsCommon AC Problems

Air conditioning units are complex pieces of machinery, and they can suffer from a wide range of potential
problems that could require AC repair. Some indicators of a problem include:

  • Your AC is not blowing cold air. This could result from a dirty filter or condenser, a leak in
    the ductwork, a faulty sensor, or a broken motor or compressor.
  • Your AC is making strange noises. If you hear odd noises, this could point to a refrigerant
    leak, the motor assembly, or electrical problems.
  • The outdoor components of the AC are leaking water. Leaking water can result from a blocked
    pipe, a dirty filter, or low coolant levels, and can even be the result of improper installation.

No matter what kind of issue your AC faces, you should consult an AC repair specialist immediately.
Allowing problems to persist could lead to water damage, high electricity bills, and of course, a hot,
uncomfortable home.

R.A. Hoy Heating & Air Conditioning

R.A. Hoy Heating & Air Conditioning has been in the business of keeping homes comfortable for over 40
years. Our large team of HVAC technicians has the experience and resources necessary to restore your home’s
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